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I Love Fried Orc

Privacy Policy

I Love Fried Orc, the I Love Fried Orc Trait Planner, and the I Love Fried Orc Dashboard are online tools to aid users in organising their characters on The Lord of the Rings Online. I Love Fried Orc is not affiliated with The Lord of the Rings Online in any way.

Since the I Love Fried Orc Dashboard provides user-specific information, users are required to log in to access full functionality of the Dashboard.

Registration and Login

You may authenticate via Discord login or a username/password combination.

The following information is collected:

If logging in via Discord:
  • Your Discord username, Discord account ID, and Discord avatar.

  • If creating a username/password combination on I Love Fried Orc:
  • The username and hash of the password you specified upon registration on the I Love Fried Orc signup page.

  • Dashboard Functionality

    With a user account, you may access the following features which allows the information you input to be stored on your account:
  • Character
  • Task List

  • None of these features request for information that can be used to identify you in the real world, nor are you advised to input any sensitive information that you wish to keep separate from your identity on I Love Fried Orc.

    Data Sharing

    I Love Fried Orc stores only the aforementioned user data for identification purposes. I Love Fried Orc does not connect with third parties aside from Discord for login purposes, thus, all user-provided data is retained internally within I Love Fried Orc.


    Cookies may be placed on your browser to store your login session and language preferences. You may clear these cookies at any time.

    This page was last updated on 5 November 2022.

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