The boss has no fire lore

…the #1 bane of all lore-masters. Lore-masters are the real unsung heroes of a fellowship that provide all the nice heal buffs, dps buffs, and make the mob less scary.

But the sad truth is that at the end of the day, nobody ever remembers what your lore-master did. Or what they’re even called.

The only times people notice lore-masters are in these 7 situations…

#1: “I need power!!!” It’ll cost you 1 rime per restore…

#2: “Give us a raven. And also bear. and also bog lurker. and also spirit pet. and also…”

#3: “Can I have SI pleaaase?”

#4: “The boss has no debuffs. Oh, now the adds have no debuffs. And go back and debuff the boss…”

#5: Resist, resist, resist. Even with a ton of finesse apparently that’s still not enough for TG T3… *remembers Brin being grumpy in voice*

#6: “The lm is dead again. Needs rez.” Yeah, but I sacrifice my mits and morale by running the pelennor set and bb set just so you dps can get nice numbers.

#7: When there is no lore-master.
Everyone: Why is my dps parse so bad??? What’s missing?
George: *shifty eyes* …do I really have to lm?
Everyone: Yeah, you’re the only lm not locked yet.

The best thing you can do to your friendly lore-master is to give them some cookies and maybe a hug.

And whatever else Brin was hinting at when he suggested I write about this. Good luck, Vilanya.

P. S. In case you guys can’t recognise your friends, the lore-masters featured here are (in order) Kali, Ox, Vala, Ithil, Brin, Skynet the Great, and George.