How to get included in every raid?

I knew you would ask!

Please heed even just a few of these 9 guidelines and you will make life much easier for us and be adored by everyone in the raid.

Your Raid Leaders

9 ways to get included in every raid:

1. Lead the raid. Like, seriously. The best way to get included in a raid is to lead your own. That way, you can call the shots and you will never be able to sit out even if you really want to.

2. Play a non DPS class. Dear DPSers, we know you love to pew pew but there are so many of you it’s virtually impossible to get someone in to every raid if they play only a dps class. You might have noticed that people who get in to every raid tend to play tank side classes. That is not a coincidence.

3. Don’t do dumb things like dying to eyes. It happens to the best of us but seriously, please don’t die to eyes every. single. time.

4. Contribute to discussions. You know that moment when the raid leader asks “well, what can we do to get better?” and the silence is so deafening you can hear a pin drop. Yeah. Or if you disagree with our strategy or have a suggestion to make (raid leaders aren’t perfect) we’re all ears. Just tell us what you think, we don’t bite.

5. Don’t be late or not show up to raid unless you have a valid reason and you have notified the raid leader way in advance. Oh, I love this. My in-house rule is “you don’t show up by the time we’re done clearing trash or 30 minutes are up, whichever is sooner, we’re replacing you”. That said, finding replacements sucks…

6. Don’t cancel last minute and give your leader a heart attack. Finding replacements sucks! Don’t do this to me. Please. Or find me a replacement for yourself if you really have to cancel last minute.

7. Tell us before you go AFK. “Okay, let’s start. Are we all here?” 
*ready check shows 10 green*
“Waiting for 1 person…”

8. Don’t take a 20 min bio and make us wait. Dude, that’s intense. Find somebody to fill your spot if you know you’re going to be gone for >5 mins. 

9. Know your class. Just…just…I don’t even know what to say.