About…me…I guess?

Oh hello. I’m Bele the Great/Skynet/that weirdo/whateverelseyouwanttocallme. I happen to lead the coolest raiding group on Crickhollow called Chicken Attack that fuels my imagination and pillow-punching tendencies.

In my spare time I like to play lotro, swoon over overcapped 470k crit, and qq about people not following mechanics and dying to eyes. I started this blog to entertain mommy. I also have a Youtube channel where I post failwin vids of me trying to raid.

I have 11 level 120 characters in game (yeah, I have no life and capped all the classes + 1 extra cappy >.>) and it’s a great privilege to be one of the few people who know all of my alts. \o/

Beledyr – Warden aka dragon
Calypta – Burger/screaming hobbit!
Calystriel – Cappy (everyone loves them…)
Enoriel – another cappy, because 1 isn’t enough
Feedmepower – Huntard aka the thing that leroys every pull
Ieya – Bear!
Lavrilia – Champion or the shing shing that always goes splat
Raldosi – keeps runes
Savariel – Guard, I just stand there and look pretty…
Solarpowered – Lagmaster
Zzimsosleepyy – Minstrel, the weirdo playing music in combat.